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Since 2002, IG Global Solutions provides businesses and consumers with professional translation services, live interpretation services, and cultural communications consulting.

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3 Reasons to use Professional Human Translation


Reach the Hispanic market

Amplify your market for your product or service.

Whichever your industry, translating a document to another language will open up your content to a whole new audience.

Grow your business and connect with the growing Hispanic market. Hispanics are an important part of your market base with a tremendous buying power of $1.7 trillion as of 2019.

Successful brands are already putting their advertising and efforts into engaging this important market. Approximately 19.6% of our multicultural economy is Hispanic.

Connect with new customers everywhere with pride, sensitivity and respect for their cultural values, and speak to them in their own language.


Earn trust with excellence

Excellence is the basis of our service.

For us, excellence builds on quality, in all aspects of our work. Quality is present in our content, in the support we provide to our client, which encompasses research, ethical work, and respect for your material and your mission.

We partner with our clients in all steps of our work and are committed to fulfilling all of our business obligations. We respect your deadlines and your budget, but above all, we respect your work, and we make sure we build your quality into our translated content.

Organizations big and small, private or government have come to us through the years, and we are humbled and committed to earn and keep our client’s trust and preference year after year.

May we add you to our client base?


Grow your busines

Compelling copy for your marketing and advertising strategy.  In English and Spanish.

Your brand, product, and service will benefit from a translation of your content into Spanish. Regardless of your industry, the Hispanic population is driving the population growth of the U.S. as a whole. 

Successful brands are already targeting this growing market. They are not only tapping that growth but also building customer loyalty.

You want to be part of this growth and we can help you by providing translations in the language and in the culture. We have the expertise and understanding of the character and demographics of this dynamic and vibrant market segment. 

According to the 2014 U.S. Census over 58% of Hispanics either speak Spanish as their main language or are bilingual. In addition, this is a market that will continue growing at tremendous rates. By 2060 Hispanics will account for 65% of the total US population. And, it is also a younger population with nearly two-thirds being 35 or younger.

Hispanic Population Growth
U.S. Spanish Speakers

Our Services

Whether you have a community program or are launching an advertising campaign we are here to help you

Translating your product or service features will make them available to a new audience and market. 

Non Profit & Government

  • Website content
  • Community awareness literature
  • Forms, Reports, Client Letters, Handouts
  • Video subtitling and voice-overs

Private Businesses

  • Catalogs, media kits, marketing brochures, advertising literature, TV/Radio scripts, flyers
  • PowerPoint and Product presentations
  • Social Media translations and Website content

Program Communications

  • Communication and PR campaigns, brochures
  • Educational Literature, Program Literature, training applications
  • Success stories, Consent, and Registration Forms

Social Media & Email Communications

  • Ads, Posts
  • Digital Newsletters
  • Surveys


  • Medical / Legal / Human Services
  • On-Site or via telephone / video, through subcontract interpreters

Personal Documentation

Certified documents such as Study/Birth certificates, Diplomas, Resumes, Court Sentences, etc.

Spanish or Portuguese available


100 Latinos CLE Must Know: Isabel Galvez

About Us

 Originally from Lima, Perú, Isabel Gálvez is fluent in Spanish, English, and Portuguese. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Cleveland State University with BA in Business Marketing Communications and also earned her Diploma in Community Translation & Interpretation from Lake Erie College. Her translation pairs are: English/Portuguese into Spanish.

Gálvez is the owner of IG GLOBAL SOLUTIONS, a local small business provider of translation and interpretation services, and the creator of popular page Comunidad Latina de Cleveland, with +2800 Facebook followers, one of the prime social media portals in the Cleveland community.

She was also recently highlighted in the Ammore 100 Latinos You Should Know. With over 20 years of professional and community-building experience in N.E. Ohio, she is ready to take on your most challenging social media and marketing communication translation needs.  Isabel serves in the Board of  the Northeast Ohio Translators Association, NOTA, as Public Relations Chair since September 2021, and on the executive committee of the Peruvian Cultural Association for Northeast Ohio, where she is Vice-President. 

I need an Official Translation. Do you provide this service?

In the State of Ohio interpreters must pass a written and oral exam to be considered certified interpreters. With respect to translations, professional translators are able to provide a) certified translations, b) notarized translations.

A certified translation is a document translated by a professional translator, and accompanied by a signed Certificate of Accuracy. A notarized translation is a certificate of translation, which bears a notary’s seal which certifies the authenticity of the translator’s signature. According to the purpose of the translation documents may or may not need a notarization. You can always Contact Us with any question, and we will be happy to assist you.

I have a document that needs translation how can I send it to you?

If this is an official document, such as a Birth Certificate, or Divorce Certificate, we must work with the original document. Make sure the document is not expired and submit it by regular or express mail to us.

For the purpose of providing a quote, please scan both sides of this document and send it to us by email to [email protected] or WhatsApp, and we will provide a quote in 24 hours.

Payment Terms

We receive money orders by mail. We also accept digital payments by paypal.com and Venmo. Please contact us for details. We may require payment upfront before we start to work on the project.

I have a pdf document that needs translation, can I send it to you by email?

If at all possible, please send your documents in Word or editable files, in order to provide a more accurate and faster quote. Translation of documents in PDF files will have a slightly higher rate.

What is the cost of a translation?

As it is customary in the industry, our translations are charged according to the number of words in the target language.

The cost of translation varies according to the complexity or technicality of the text, complexity of formatting, urgency, clarity, and the file type of the original. For this reason, we must see your original before providing you with a quote.

When submitting a file for quotation, please indicate the urgency or deadline of the completed translation.

We will proceed to work on the translation after our quote is accepted. Some documents may require advance payment.

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